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special stains,antigen retrieval
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special stains,antigen retrieval

BiogenexBioGenex is committed to advancing thepathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay biopace of molecularspecial stains,antigen retrieval medicine and diagnostics. We support cellular andspecial stains,antigen retrieval laboratories with a range of reagents, detection kits, antibodies, probes, special stains and automated staining and imaging systems. Our state-of-the-art automatedspecial stains,antigen retrieval systems are designed for high throughput at a low cost of ownership. They provide consistent, qualityspecial stains,antigen retrieval results with ease of use and maximum flexibility for clinical diagnostics, lifespecial stains,antigen retrieval science research and drug discovery.

Our customers include reference laboratories, hospitals, cancer treatmentspecial stains,antigen retrieval centers, university medical institutions, large and retail practice groups. Further, we continue to partner with life sciencesspecial stains,antigen retrieval industries and academia driving molecular drug discovery and translational and clinical research.

Our passion for sustained and leading edge innovation helped us to develop strong research and development skills and improve our product and servicespecial stains,antigen retrieval pathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio offerings. Our intellectual property includes several U.S. and foreign-issued patents, in thespecial stains,antigen retrieval areas of DNA labeling and amplification techniques, automationpathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio of tissue and cell sample preparation, automated staining for nucleic acid, immunohistochemistry and special stains andspecial stains,antigen retrieval antigen and nucleicpathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio acid retrieval techniques

BioGenex provides a “Total Solution” for slide-based cell and tissue analysis. Our products include a wide variety of antibodies, highly sensitive detection kits, special stains, probes for ISH and ancillarypathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bioreagents. Our automated systems streamline operations in molecular and cellularspecial stains,antigen retrieval pathology laboratories, providing effective tools for the detection and diagnosis of cancer and other diseases.

Antigen Retrieval using Microwave based technologies was discovered at BioGenex, the manifestation of our innovation in Antigen Retrieval being the EZ-Retriever® System. BioGenexpathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay biocontinues to innovate, as evidenced special stains,antigen retrieval by the recent introduction of Xmatrx®Dx Staining system, which provides full automation “from Microtome to Microscope”.

BioGenex can fulfill your Immunohistopathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay biochemistry (IHC), In Situ Hybridization (ISH) and Special Stains (SS) needs - be it reagents, or automatedspecial stains,antigen retrieval systems. Browse through our product pages to learn more about how we can adapt to your laboratory requirements.

BioGenex is committed to advancingpathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio the pace ofspecial stains,antigen retrieval and diagnostics. We support diagnostic and research markets with a range of special stains,antigen retrieval reagents, detection kits, antibodies, probes, special stains and automated staining and imaging systems. Theyspecial stains,antigen retrieval provide consistent and quality results with ease of use and maximum flexibilitypathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio for clinical diagnostics, life science research and drug discovery.

Our customers includepathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio reference laboratories, hospitals, cancer treatment centres, universityspecial stains,antigen retrieval medical institutions, large and retail practice groups. Further, we continuespecial stains,antigen retrieval to partner with life sciences industries and academiapathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio driving molecular drug discovery and translational and clinical research.

BioGenex is committed and offers portfolio ofpathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio services to help achieve high-performance andspecial stains,antigen retrieval improve the lab productivity. The services include instrumentationspecial stains,antigen retrieval and financing options to custompathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio software development and contract research
New Products

Breast carcinoma stained with anti-ErB2/Her2 using AEC chromogen

ErbB-2/Her-2 is one of the four members of the ErbBspecial stains,antigen retrieval receptor family of transmembrane receptor-like tyrosine kinases. The kinasespecial stains,antigen retrieval activity of ErbB2 can be activated without ligand if it is over expressed, and by association with other ErbB proteins. ..... + more...

GIST stained with anti-PDGFR-beta using DAB chromogen

Human platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) receptor, is a receptor tyrosine kinase whose activity induces variousspecial stains,antigen retrieval signalling cascadespathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio leading to cell growth and proliferation. Two major isoforms exist, PDGF receptor-α and PDGF receptor-Β......+ more...

Ca - Intestine stained with anti-MUC5AC using DAB chromogen

MUC5AC : Mucins are high molecularpathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio weight glycoproteins with 80% carbohydrates and 20% core protein. Gastric Mucin 5AC antigen isspecial stains,antigen retrieval found in columnar mucus cells of surface gastric epithelium and in goblet cells of the fetal and precancerous colon but not in no.....+ more...

Colonic mucosa stained with anti-MUC4 using DAB chromogen

MUC4 is a membrane-associated protein of the mucin (MUC) gene family, encoded by a gene on chromosome 3q29 andspecial stains,antigen retrieval produced by epithelialpathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio cells as a heterodimer. The MUC4 protein is thought to play a protective role for vulnerable epithelia, particularly..... + more...

Tonsil stained with anti-CD25 using DAB chromogen

CD25 antigen is an alpha subunitpathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio of interleukin-2 receptor. It is expressed on a subpopulation of T cells subsequent tospecial stains,antigen retrieval their activation with an antigen or mitogen in the presence of interleukin-1. CD25 is also found on HTLV-1 transformed T and B cel.....+ more...

Tonsil stained with anti-CD23 using DAB chromogen

CD23 is a type II transmembrane glycoprotein which functions aspathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio a receptor for IgE. CD23 is involved in the regulation of IgE production andspecial stains,antigen retrieval in the differentiation of B-cells. It is expressed in many haemopoietic cell types. CD21 has been identified .....+ more...

Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) expressing c- kit (CD117) positivity stained using DAB chromogen

CD117 : c-kit (CD117) is a transmembrane, tyrosine kinasepathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio receptor and proto-oncogene product which is expressed onspecial stains,antigen retrieval numerous diverse fetal and adult cells including hematopoietic cells, mast cells, melanocytes, germ cells, and the interstitial cells of Cajal..... + more...

Tonsil stained with anti-CD10 using DAB chromogen

CD10, a 100 KD glycoprotein, also known as Commonpathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia Antigen (CALLA), is a cell surface enzyme with neutralspecial stains,antigen retrieval metalloendopeptidase activity which inactivates a variety of biologically active peptides. CD10 is expressed on the ce..... + more...
Bcl-x, a member of the Bcl-2 protein family, inhibits cell death, or apoptosis. Bcl-x is expressed as twospecial stains,antigen retrieval isomeric forms, Bcl-xL and Bcl-xS, and is typically present in the cytosol in association with the mitochondrial membrane. Bcl-xL forms heterodi..... + more...
In the U.S.A., orders may be placed directly with BioGenex Laboratories, Inc. via telephone, fax, e-mail, or postal mail. To streamline the ordering process, pleasespecial stains,antigen retrieval include the following information on your purchase order or correspondence:Â

Purchase Order Number

Customer Number

Contact Information (name, telephone, fax number and e-mail address)

Shipping Address (please do not use P.O. Box number)

Billing Address (if different from shipping address)

Product Catalog number, description and quantity

Special shipping instructions

Credit card number and expiration date (if applicable)

Requested delivery date and any special instructions
Learn BioGenex firmly believes in the philosophy that training and development is required not just for its employees but also to our distributors, customers andspecial stains,antigen retrieval all important stakeholders in our business. We offer extensive training andspecial stains,antigen retrieval development opportunities on our automated staining systems as well as on the molecularpathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay biodiagnostic techniques. The training programs are designed to allow our stakeholders be more effective, create value and achieve customerspecial stains,antigen retrieval satisfaction in their local markets.


From this page, you can download BioGenex corporate resources that include product literature like catalogues, brochures and associated marketing collaterals, technicalspecial stains,antigen retrieval and scientificpathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio articles and publications.

If you have further questions, please contact our Technical Support group at 1-800-421-4149 or E-Mail us at
Careers BioGenex is a leading innovator in the areas of cellular andspecial stains,antigen retrieval special stains,antigen retrieval pathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio privately held companies in the San Francisco bay area. With a history spanning almost close to three decades, an experienced and multidisciplinary management team, and worldwide industry name recognition, BioGenex is a dominant industry player.

BioGenex offers a challenging and stimulating working environment where creativity, collaboration, and communication thrive. Our company encourages high standards of professional conduct andpathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio passionspecial stains,antigen retrieval to advance science and save lives. News & Events  BioGenex is an undisputed leader in the field ofspecial stains,antigen retrieval . With close to three decades of innovation, we are committed to serve the growingspecial stains,antigen retrieval needs of cellular andspecial stains,antigen retrieval customers. We invitepathology,immunostains,cell staining,bay bio you to learn more about BioGenex through this web site and for the company's future developments

Krishan L. Kalra, Ph.D.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

David Sheldon
Chief Financial Officer
Jintao Chen , Ph.D
Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance
John Linnan
Vice-President, North American Sales
George Su, Ph.D.
Director, Operations
Vijay K. Paul.
Vice-President, Operations
M.V.V. Vidyasagar.
General Manager, Engineering


Quality Policy
BioGenex is committed to the design, manufacture and distributionspecial stains,antigen retrieval of safe, effective and reliable products. To achieve our quality goal, we will:
Meet or exceed internal and external customer needs;
Meet or exceed applicable worldwide quality standards and regulatory requirements;
Continually motivate and develop our employees to improve our processes and quality system.
Quality Objectives

We will consistently fulfill the needs of our customers, our employees, our stakeholders and our community by:
Our commitment to consistently deliver superior products to our customers through rigorous design and development process
Out commitment to establish and maintain an effective quality system that allows us to deliver products at the highest level of customer satisfaction and to demonstrate compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
Commitment to Quality
We at BioGenex have evolved over the years, since incipience, meticulously designed every process within the organization in bringing highest organizational excellencespecial stains,antigen retrieval and offer greater customer satisfaction. Quality is carefully constructed in our cultural environment and it is the fabric of our organization.

BioGenex demonstrates the commitment and organizational excellencespecial stains,antigen retrieval by attaining highest compliance to worldwide regulatory requirement and global standards like the US FDA, Canadian CMDCAS, EU Directives and ISO 13485 among others.
Partnerships BioGenex is committed to advancing thespecial stains,antigen retrieval pace ofspecial stains,antigen retrieval and diagnostics. Our passion for innovation helped us to build strong research and development skills and deliver improved products and services to our customers

We at BioGenex encourage teaming and collaboration. We are flexible to pursue and build alliances and strategic relationships that will help leveragespecial stains,antigen retrieval each others capabilities and in advancement of our platform technologies. Our strengths include highly skilled multi-disciplinary scientific team, strong patentspecial stains,antigen retrieval portfolio and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

We would like to partner with firmsspecial stains,antigen retrieval that have the infrastructure to accelerate and commercialize our technologies and/or with those in academia who will help complement our in-house research efforts. These alliances include for co-development, technology licensing and co-marketingspecial stains,antigen retrieval
special stains,antigen retrieval
special stains,antigen retrieval
special stains,antigen retrieval
special stains,antigen retrieval
special stains,antigen retrieval
special stains,antigen retrieval
special stains,antigen retrieval
special stains,antigen retrieval
and product distribution.

To learn more about partnership opportunities, contact us
1-800-421-4149 (USA)
Customer Care
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